Adapted Music Lessons

Drum Circle
Child in a therapy group

Individual adapted music lessons are specifically designed for people who have disabilities or health conditions. Instructional methods are adapted to the individual's learning style, functioning level, strengths and needs. 

A variety of instruments can be taught including:
Hand percussion
Wind and brass instruments
Beginning voice
Boy playing zylophone, individual therapy
girl and woman playing djembe drum

Adaptive Lessons may be best when:

  • The child wants to learn and has tried traditional lessons, but did not have an successful experience due to behavioral, verbal, cognitive or other difficulties that the teacher was unable to work with.

  • The Child has already received Music Therapy treatment for some time (or other outside treatment), treatment goals have been meet or are in the process of being met, and the parent(s) and therapist agree that the child is now ready for adaptive lessons. 

Examples of possible adaptations:
  • Color/letter/number coding rather than using traditional musical notation
  • Alternative or simplified tuning for guitar
  • use of chord buddy for guitar
  • Enlarged or simplified music to minimize distraction
  • Use of a picture schedule or checklist to structure the session and reduce frustration
  • focus on preferred songs and music genres to increase motivation